Case-Mate Xing Panda Case Review

Case-Mate Xing Panda Case Review

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Price & Model


Case Features

Case Type
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Drop Protection
Works With
  • 4
  • 4s
  • 5
Device Holster
Dock Accessible
Battery Pack Capable
  • White
  • Black

Details and Features

The Xing case by Case-Mate is a cute and cuddly case made from silicone. The backside looks like a panda and it has ears that stick out from the corners. At the bottom it has a little paw. The Xing case is part of Case-Mate's creature collection which has other animals beside the panda


  • Cute design
  • Easy to hold grip
  • Flexible silicon construction


For the animal lover out there, the Xing case is comes to life and brings happiness to those who use it. It transforms your iPhone into a cuddly friend you can take with you anywhere.

The Xing case is also designed using tough silicon. It helps to protect against falls and damage. Around the screen there is a raised bezel. You can lay the iPhone flat on it's screen and the case will keep it safely stay above the surface

Good For

  • Looking cute
  • Protection from drops and scratches
  • On the go use

In the box

  • Xing case

Editor review

(Updated: November 15, 2012)
Overall rating 

Cute & Cuddly but not the best protection

A week into using this adorable Xing case from Case Mate, I am pleasantly surprised by its durability and functionality. The material is rubber like, which is helpful, because it feels rather slip resistant in your palm, and makes for a quick retrieval in a purse or pocket.

The case secures the phone well, wrapping the entirety of the phone consistently. It doesn’t seem to pop off or slip off unnecessarily, which some cases made of this material can do.

The edges of the case extend pass the sides of the phone and onto some of the screen—offering extra screen protection—at least that’s what is supposed to do. The only negative aspect of the design is that the material on the sides of case seems to loosely grip the sides of the phone—making me feel slightly insecure about the quality of its protection, specifically with the screen.

The case is thick, adding a little extra bulk to the phone. But nothing that is ridiculously overwhelming like an otter box. I like to think of the bulk as cushion; in the event that the delicate phone were to meet a nice bulk of concrete or stone, I feel the phone would fare well.

The back of the case is designed with a whimsical panda face and my favorite element about the décor is the cute little ears that are cocked unequally on each side on top of the phone. It’s an adorable touch that the other designs by case mate don’t seem to offer.

There’s also a paw print key-chain type hook, which I haven’t quite figured out what it’s for? Or perhaps it serves no purpose at all, kind of like the ears? Although, I do feel that the “hook like” feature would be beneficial for some girl friends of mine that seem to lose their phone or wallet in their drunken states of mind. They could easily attach their phone to their wristlets, and would never have to worry about accidentally placing their phone down somewhere. However, it could encourage more drunk texting.

Overall the phone case is great! If they were to offer a version that fit snugly on the sides and offer some sort of barrier to literally protect the screen form damage, this case would be perfect.

Pros and Cons

Easy to take on the go
Cute design
Does not add much bulk
Case does not fit tightly, feels like it could slip off
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